H1B加州湾区招Marketing Specialist发布新工作

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    加利福尼亚州 - California

Rate: $3000 (DOE)
Location: Cupertino, CA
Industry: Finance & Insurance Service
H1B: Negotiable

Job Description
-Identifies and helps to develop strategic relationships with Chinese(Especially new immigrants or green card holders from Mainland) partners or potential customers.
-Assists in the development of a strong pipeline of target new customers in accounts through direct or indirect customer contact and prospecting.

Skills & Techniques:
1. Marketing and business sense; ability to catch new opportunities
2. Good understanding of Chinese culture
3. Strong presentation and communication skills
4. Proficiency with Excel, Word, PowerPiont

1. Sunny personality and graceful manners and having strong charisma
2. Loyalty; Professional; Proactive; Responsible; Attention to details; Eager to learn
To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume to career@flyhighus.com.
Flyhigh Group Inc.


  • 所在州省
    加利福尼亚州 - California
  • 联系人
    Gary Xie
  • 联系电话
    (510) 999-4320