兴趣培训 小提琴, 钢琴, 乐理 -专业指导,挖掘潜能,培养兴趣,提升修养

教授小提琴, 钢琴,乐理 - 专业, 敬业, 怡悦美国音乐博士, 教学经验丰富, 善启发学生音乐兴趣, 熟悉各种教材, 耐心细致,辅导 NYSSMA 纽约州音乐考级和 ABRSM 英国皇家音乐考级, 提供个别课或集体课 (小提琴和乐理),双语教学, 价格合理。授课地点:1.网络授课 2.皇后区法拉盛近皇后学院。 3.曼哈顿中城详情请联系/参阅:Tel: (646)926 0886E-mail: Website:

兴趣培训 乐理英皇考级(ABRSM)线上辅导

乐理英皇考级(ABRSM)线上辅导 美国音乐博士, 教学经验丰富,认真敬业,耐心细致,线上辅导ABRSM 英国皇家音乐理论考级, 时空灵活方便,提供一对一或集体课(学生自组),双语教学, 价格合理。 授课地点:1. 网络授课 2. 皇后区法拉盛近皇后学院。           3. 曼哈顿中城 详情请联系/参阅: Tel: (646)926 0886E-mail:  Website:

兴趣培训 专业教授作曲,电子和计算机音乐制作

专业教授作曲,电子和计算机音乐制作资深美国音乐博士教授作曲,电子和计算机音乐制作,引领音乐爱好者和有志于在音乐领域求发展的学生进行愉悦的音乐创作探索,帮助他们发掘自己的音乐潜能。  授课地点:1.网络授课          2.纽约皇后区法拉盛近皇后学院。 详情了解请参阅Websites:   联系:Tel: (646)926 0886E-mail: ...

兴趣培训 Violin, Piano & Music Theory Lesson

Violin, Piano, Composition and Music Theory Lessons for All AgesDedicated music doctor offers violin, piano, composition and music theory lessons for all ages. Tailored program designed for each student or group to enlighten their music interest, to discover and nurture their potential music gift; familiar with various teaching material;  tutor for NYSSMA and ABRSM exams and assessments; speak in English and Chinese; reasonable rates.  Locations for lesson: Online Flushing, Queens, nearby Quee...

兴趣培训 Composition,Electronic Music Lesson

Composition, Computer & Electronic Music Lessons Available                                                                     Dedicated and professional composer offers private composition, computer music, electronic music lessons at a reasonable rate to guide these who intent to develop their career in the music field or these who try to explore the pleasure of music creation.  Locations for class: Online Flushing, Queens, NY (Nearby Queens College.)For further information about the instructo...