2010 BMW 535i X-Drive 白色

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城市: NY纽约市NYC/长岛 类别: Owner卖车
年份: 2010 品牌: BMW
型号: 535i X-Drive 价格: 20999 $
里程: 45000 Miles  

2010 BMW 535i X-Drive M5 Sports Package+ New M Sports Rim+ All Premium Package

2010 BMW 535i X-Drive M5 Sports Package+ New M Sports Rim+ All Premium Package
0 Accidents Record, 
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M5 Packages Include:)
M5 Suspension (Great For Turning+ Very Steady) 
M Sport Steering Wheel (Very Stiff And Steady)
M Sport Door Trim (Cool Look When Open The Door)
M Sport Rim (Cool Looking M Sport Rim From BMW)
Sport Flat Running Tires (No Need To Change Tire While The Tires Flat, Can Drive To Nearest Tire Shop Without Hurting The Tire And Rim) [Great Choice For People Don't Know How To Change The Tire]
Dynamic Handling (Great Cornering And Turning Experience, Avoid Body Rolling While Taking A Sharp Turn.) I Feel Like Driving My Cousin's M5
21 Ways Sport Seats Adjustable (Design To Fit Everyone's Sitting Position)(These M5 Seats Hold You Tight When You Make Sharp Turns)

Lighting Package:
HID High/Low Beam: Low Beam And High Beam Both Are HID Lights From BMW.
HID FOG Lights:
Angel Eyes For Headlights: HID Day Time Running Lights. See Pictures
Angel Wings For Tail Lights.

BMW X-Drive Include:
Automatic All Wheel Drive (Car Will Automatic Turn On All Wheel Drive In Snow Or In Sand Or Mud)[No More Stock In Snow Or Mud Any More]
Auto Traction Control (Car Will Detect Slippery Roads And Give More Traction To The Other Wheels ) [Ultimate Driving Experience Even In Bad Weathers]
Anti Brake Lock System (ABS): No More Slippery Brake On Snow Or Ice. (I Tested Myself,  Excellent Safety Feature Might Safe Your Life.)

BMW Premium Packages:
Genuine Leather Seats: 100% Real Leather. Very Comfortable And Durable. Easy To Care
Memory Seats (Remember Your Seating Position. After Someone Drive Your Car You Can Restore It With One Button)
Mirror Heating (One Of My Favorite Feature, Mirror Will Auto Matic Turn Hot In Rain And Snow Days. Your Side Mirors Is As Clear As Normal Days. Remember Most Of The Car Accidents Are Causes By Bad Weathers.)
Dimming Mirror (When Your Rear Driver Turn On His High Beam To Shy On You, This Mirror Will Automatic Decrease It's Relection To Your Eyes.) It's Important To Protect Your Vision While Driving.
10 Premium Speakers. Great Music And Bass Experience On Board.
Active Cruise Control: You Can Set A Speed In Highway. It Will Keep The Same Speed For You Without Pressing The Gas Paddle. You Can Relax Your Leg For Long Distance Trips.

Winter Package: 
Adjustable Heating Seats (3 Ways Adjustable Heating Power For Your Seat And Your Back)
Heating Steering Wheel (No More Holding A Piece Of Ice In The Winter To Drive. Now Your Steering Wheel Can Warm Up Your Hands While You Holding It)

Head Light Washer. It's Important To Make Sure Your Light Is Shing The Road
Watch This Video, You Will See How It Work 
Ski/Snow Board Holder: It Hide Inside The Car. It Doesn't Take Any Space. 

Conveience Package:

Key Less Start: You Can Push One Button Start. Without Take Out Your Key.
Key Less Open Door: Open Your Card Door While It's Lock. Lock Your Car Door After Leaving The Car. Doing All These By Leaving The Key In Your Pocket Or Your Bag Without Taking Them Out. (Great Feature For Lazy People, My Wife Love This Feature)
Remote Window Close: Have You Or Your Passenger Ever Forget To Close Window Before Leaving The Car? Now You Don't Need To Get Back To The Car Just To Close The Windows. Simply Use The Key As Remote And Close It
Remote Window Open: Want To Get Some Fresh Air Before Hop On Your Car Or Get All The Hot Air Out Of It In The Summer?  Now Use The Key As A Remote To Do It.

Intellegence Package: 
BMW Assist: Talk To A Representative By Pressing One Button On Your Car. She Can Set Your Destination On Your GPS. Get You Emergency Services. Toll Trucks, Even Find You A Nearest Gas Station Or Hotels.
BMW Locater: Find Your Car After It's Been Stolen.
BMW GPS. It Auto Update Regularly.
Door Opening Assist: Lock Your Key In The Car? No Worry, You Can Call BMW Assist To Open The Door For You. They Will Need To Verify Car Owners Information. Very Secure.

Standard Package:
Twin Turbo V6 Engine.(Speed Like A V8 But Save A Lot More Gas Than V8)
Sun Roof, Air Conditioner, Rear Glass Heater, Cup Holders. Rear Heating/AC. Twin